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Go Wild Camping

Wild camping - it's natural, it's organic, it's low carbon footprint and everyone's talking about it. It's the new 'in thing' and it's about time that you tried it!
Normally when you go camping you would book into a roadside campsite - pay your money and erect your tent next to your car. When you are wild-camping you walk several miles into the middle of nowhere, select your spot and pitch your tent. It's that simple.
True you have to carry your tent, and there won't be a shower block when you get there. But there is a certain excitement and romance about solitude in the wilderness. And it doesn't matter what the weather is like - it can be absolutely storming and howling or a beautiful vista out there, either way you'll be chuckling with excitement - it's great! Perched on a hill, away from noisy neighbours and busy roads a whole new feeling of contentment and joy will strike to your very core. Get it right and it's brilliant.
The wild camping code for England and Wales:
• The pitch must be out of view of any road
• You must erect your tent last thing and strike camp first thing
• Where you camp should be at least 600m above sea level
• You can not light a fire (for many good reasons)
• You must not leave any litter (including your loo paper!)
• And on that note – all ablutions need to be done in a hole and at least 30m down hill of any water source
Top tips
• Check the weather forecast before you go. It’s no good going out into winds gusting at 50mph if you don’t have the tent to withstand it.
• Remove as much packaging from your food as possible – you don’t need it.
• If the weather is looking grim – pre-prepare your food at home: for example chop the onions and coat them in oil, and wrap in a plastic bag.
• Take a small towel – for your tent. Many tents pitch inner first. These will get wet if it’s raining. Use your towel to mop out your tent before climbing inside!
• Line your rucksack with a big survival bag to be sure that your sleeping bag keeps dry on your walk in.

Essential equipment for wild camping …

• Tent. Preferably a tent that is a geodesic design which will withstand all that is thrown at it!
• Ruck sack that is big enough (65 litres) and comfortable.
• Roll mat – almost as important as the sleeping bag!
• Stove – Trangias are the work horse though slightly heavy. Gas stoves are easy, though inefficient and not always very powerful on a cold morning. MSRs are brilliant on a cold day,the cheapest to run but can be troublesome in the rain.

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