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Sailing Holidays UK

Sailing holidays UK are available all over the country. Mainly on the coast but you will also find sailing centres on lakes and rivers across the UK. Sailing can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what your ability so if you are a complete novice and would like to get into sailing or have been sailing for years and fancy a sailing holiday in the UK there are always centres throughout the UK who are running sailing says, sailing holidays and sailing courses.

When to go on a sailing holiday

The great thing about sailing is you can enjoy it no matter what the weather. If it is windy and rainy you are kitted out in enough waterproofs to not notice the rain and you get the adrenaline buzz from sailing in strong winds and going at high speeds. Sailing becomes far more technical and skilful with strong winds. If there is sunshine and no wind you can relax and enjoy being out at sea. Itís a win win situation. So sailing holidays in the UK are great all year round. There are lots of annual regattas and sailing events, like ďaround the islandĒ race that starts from Cowes on the Isle of Wight. These events bring in a huge crowd of sailing lovers.

Sailing for beginners

If you are a sailing novice but would like to get into this fun activity then it is advised you start off with either a taster sailing experience day or alternatively you can do a beginners sailing course. Learn to sail courses are available at most sailing schools. Once youíve started sailing youíll no doubt get quickly hooked on the fun and enjoyment that comes from this activity. Sailing is a very social activity and you always find fun and likeminded people out sailing.

Next Steps

If youíve mastered the basics of sailing and want to continue sailing then why not look at doing your competent crew course. With this you can then join a crew in a club and your sailing holidays and opportunities become far greater.

Chartering a yacht

If you have the hours and certification required you can look at chartering a yacht for sailing holidays UK. This is a very flexible and economical way of enjoying sailing. You donít have to worry about the cost of purchasing and upkeep of a yacht, you simply choose what dates you would like to sail, what kind of yacht you would like to go on, including how many berths if you are looking to go away and sleep with others. Then it is as simple as rocking up, plotting your routes and setting sail.